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  • Lost Father by Leigh Lincoln

    Lost Father


    A flawed man. A life lived in shadow. The path to the truth begins in unlikely places.

    Bruce has many regrets. And more than a few buried secrets. As a quizzical young bartender begins to pry open his closed shell, Bruce allows the memories to come flooding back. And he begins to realize all of his mistakes. His first love he left behind. His brief time in Vietnam. His arrival in Colorado, when he’d tried to start fresh and put the past behind him. 

    But it had never really gone away. And Bruce ended up leading a life filled with lies. All because the unexpected had caused him to flee the life he’d planned to have. Now, the daughter he’s never known had shocked him into confronting himself and his failures. And he didn’t know what to do other than to run – again.

    Can Bruce find the strength to fix his past and go home again? Find out in this moving story of one man’s journey to find himself and have the courage to face the child he left behind.

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  • The Road West by Leigh Lincoln

    The Road West: Broken Roads Book 4


    A rebellious soul. A life of wrong turns. The path to understanding begins in unlikely places.

    After a moment of indiscretion in her youth, Diamond now lives on a rustic mountain where she built a life with her husband. Hidden from the world, she felt safe and protected. Now a lonely widow, her days are spent in silence believing her wrongs had been forgotten, long buried in the past.

    Suddenly, a stranger’s knock on her door drags her guilt and shame back into the light. She shares her story, of love lost and found. In doing so, she discovers running away from her problems had left a lasting impact on more lives than she’d ever imagined. Ignoring sin for years hadn’t made it go away. No, the roosters always come home to roost.

    As she faces her mistakes, can Diamond find a way to redeem the mess she’s made before it’s too late? You’ll love this story of redemption and the power of forgiveness.

  • Finding the Real Road by Leigh Lincoln

    Finding the Real Road: Broken Roads Book 3


    A damaged heart. A life of regrets. The path to healing begins in unlikely places.

    Amy spent her life following the rules. Now with her divorce papers in her hands, she’s at loose ends. So she throws caution to the wind and tosses a dart at a map. And ends up buying a “handyman special” house sight unseen in an unfamiliar place, far from everything she’s ever known. Clinging to a shred of hope, she tries to start her life again.

    But as she rebuilds the house, she finds herself sharing her story with a teenage boy in the neighborhood. And she struggles to find herself among the ruins of her life and the loss of the son she left behind. She’ll have to face her past mistakes to find her future. Because she’s discovering it’s impossible to run from yourself. Was she doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons? Or all the wrong things for no reason at all?

    Can Amy discover her true self before she drowns in a sea of self-doubt? Find out in this story of strength and courage.

  • Road to Freedom by Leigh Lincoln

    Road to Freedom: Broken Roads Book 2


    Love a tear-jerker? Looking for your next good cry?

    A dying man. The journey of a lifetime. The path to forgiveness begins in unlikely places. And love can bloom among the thorns.

    Francisco escaped the cruelty of Cuba but never found a true home after immigrating to the U.S. Then his doctor spoke the worst words ever – terminal cancer. Desperate to not face death alone, he compels Stacy to marry him. Traveling to Cuba and Spain, they wander a difficult path as they learn about the journey their hearts must take.

    Francisco confronts his troubled past and many mistakes. While Stacy tries to open her heart after a devastating first marriage. Both push each other in ways they are unwilling to accept. Secrets are revealed, truths are laid bare, and life’s darkest memories are brought into the light.

    But can God’s love heal the wounds that have remained buried for so long before it’s too late? This heart-wrenching story of love and redemption will draw you in from the start.

  • Road Home: Broken Roads Book 1


    A lost soul. A mysterious companion. The path to recovery begins in unlikely places.

    Lost and alone, Cindy wandered the open road with nothing but stories and heartache. Though she’d escaped the cruel abuse of her past, fear drove her into homelessness. On the verge of ending it all, she accepts a lift from an enigmatic stranger. Not knowing if this ride would bring salvation or madness.

    As they roll across America’s vast highways, Cindy unexpectedly responds to her new friend’s curiosity with a flood of buried pain. But as her demons torment her mind, she fears her deepest scars may be impossible to heal.

    Can Cindy discover the healing love of self-forgiveness before the darkness consumes her sanity? Find out in this gripping story of faith and redemption.

  • Bookmark


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  • Little White Girl


    The Impossible American Dream. You’ve been taught the only way to purchase a home is to dive deep into debt. But is that the only way? Trust me when I say, you don’t need a mortgage. Here’s the story of my home. The worst house in the neighborhood, a total gut job remodel, but I own it free and clear. Please note: I’m in the process of updating and retitling this book.