I love being interviewed! Okay, really, I love having chats with people from all over the place. Podcasts, radio shows, whatever.

My interview on The Pivot Point with Jessica McGann

Discussing my writing journey and why I encourage others to find their passion.


My interview on Lunchtime Live with Langley

Discussing my writing journey, homelessness, and adoption.


My interview on The Laura Jane Layton Show

Discussing pivoting and inspiring change.


My interview on Monday PositiviTea

Discussing finding passion, following your heart, and finding your true calling in life.


My interview on Elevating Your Life with Paula Vail

Discussing homelessness and my novels


My interview on Going Solo Media

Discussing my books, how I got started in writing, and my newest book Lost Father


My interview on My Naked Mindset Podcast

Discussing how I found my passion, no longer being silenced, and all of my travels.


My interview on The Travel Transformation Podcast with Jessica Grace Coleman

Discussing why I love travel and how it relates to my writing.



My interview on Prime Spark with Sara Hart

Discussing how I became an author, aging, travel, and so much more.



My interview on Hello World!

Discussing how I became an author, and everything I’m passionate about.



My interview on KSVY 91.3 FM Sonoma The Moring Show:

Discussing homelessness and poverty issues.


My interview on Living the Traveler’s Heart with Julie Zolfo:

Why I travel so much and how I incorporate this into my novels.


My interview on  Authors Assist:

How I accidentally wrote a book and became an expert.


My interview on Between the Lines With Jennifer Sienes:

Why I write what’s in my heart and not what people expect.


My interview on Amanda Blackwood The Survivor:

My work with the homeless and why I’m so passionate about helping.


My interview on Get the Hell out of Your Life:

A little bit about me, my work, and passions.