Leigh Lincoln with her latest inspirational novel The Road West

Leigh Lincoln

Every life is a broken road that only Christ can fix


Leigh has spent the better part of the last thirty years involved in homeless and poverty advocacy in one way or another. While she may be relatively new to writing, she’s not finished by far as many other authors also wrote their first book after the age of forty. Leigh loves to travel, paint, read, and hike. You never know where she’ll end up next, for she’s on her own journey of discovery.

Suggested Interview Topics:

How I accidentally wrote a book and found my voice and passion

All things travel-related and how I incorporate where I’ve been into my novels

Homelessness and poverty and how this relates to almost everyone

Adoption and my current novel series which will be launching this year

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Connect with Leigh:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/leighlincolnauthor1

Email address leighlincolnauthor@gmail.com

Blog https://leighlincoln.blogspot.com/


Road Home: Broken Roads Book 1

Homeless and alone, Cindy’s offered a ride from a stranger. Can a woman with nothing finally have the courage to heal her tortured soul?

Road to Freedom: Broken Roads Book 2

After a diagnosis of terminal cancer, Fransico and Stacy take a trip halfway around the world. Can the power of love overcome life’s darkest memories and most profound losses before it’s too late?

Finding the Real Road: Broken Roads Book 3

After divorce left Amy at loose ends, she attempts to rebuild her life. Can she discover her true self before she drowns in a sea of self-doubt?

The Road West: Broken Roads Book 4

After a life of wrong turns, Diamond hid from the world. Now she’s forced to face her mistakes. Can she fix the mess she made or is it too late?