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It was going to be the trip of a lifetime…

I’d been dreaming of this trip my whole life. Okay, so that’s not true in its entirety. No, only since college when I’d studied art and history. When I’d learned about the renaissance and Michelangelo. The Colosseum and the Roman style of government which was the basis for ours. But then life got in the way. Marriage, careers, kids, mortgage, debts up to our eyeballs. You know how it is I’m sure. However, now we were in our sixties. The kids grown and gone. Debts for the most part paid. We scrimped and saved for, well, practically nothing. My husband, Justin, asked where I wanted to go for our fortieth wedding anniversary.

Without batting an eye, I said, “Roma.”

His reply should’ve been a clue I was in deep trouble. “Where baby?”

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