Road to Freedom: Broken Roads Book 2


Love a tear-jerker? Looking for your next good cry?

A dying man. The journey of a lifetime. The path to forgiveness begins in unlikely places. And love can bloom among the thorns.

Francisco escaped the cruelty of Cuba but never found a true home after immigrating to the U.S. Then his doctor spoke the worst words ever – terminal cancer. Desperate to not face death alone, he compels Stacy to marry him. Traveling to Cuba and Spain, they wander a difficult path as they learn about the journey their hearts must take.

Francisco confronts his troubled past and many mistakes. While Stacy tries to open her heart after a devastating first marriage. Both push each other in ways they are unwilling to accept. Secrets are revealed, truths are laid bare, and life’s darkest memories are brought into the light.

But can God’s love heal the wounds that have remained buried for so long before it’s too late? This heart-wrenching story of love and redemption will draw you in from the start.



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