The Road West: Broken Roads Book 4


A rebellious soul. A life of wrong turns. The path to understanding begins in unlikely places.

After a moment of indiscretion in her youth, Diamond now lives on a rustic mountain where she built a life with her husband. Hidden from the world, she felt safe and protected. Now a lonely widow, her days are spent in silence believing her wrongs had been forgotten, long buried in the past.

Suddenly, a stranger’s knock on her door drags her guilt and shame back into the light. She shares her story, of love lost and found. In doing so, she discovers running away from her problems had left a lasting impact on more lives than she’d ever imagined. Ignoring sin for years hadn’t made it go away. No, the roosters always come home to roost.

As she faces her mistakes, can Diamond find a way to redeem the mess she’s made before it’s too late? You’ll love this story of redemption and the power of forgiveness.


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