Finding The Real Road: Broken Roads Book 3

A damaged heart. A life of regrets. The path to healing begins in unlikely places.

Amy spent her life following the rules. But after divorce leaves her at loose ends, she throws caution to the wind and tosses a dart at a map. She buys a “handyman special” sight unseen and she lands far from everything she’s ever known to start again. As she rebuilds the house, she finds herself sharing her story with a teenage boy in the neighborhood. And she struggles to find herself among the ruins of her life and the loss of the son she left behind. She’ll have to face her past mistakes to find her future. Because she’s discovering it’s impossible to run from yourself. Was she doing all the right things for all the wrong reasons? Or all the wrong things for no reason at all?

Can Amy discover her true self before she drowns in a sea of self-doubt?